The online casino world will evolve into blockchain
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An Interview with our Co-CEOs

There are a lot of online casino ICOs out there. What makes G8C stand out?

Hayato Terai: While there are other existing online casino-focused ICOs in the market, G8C is very different. Our brand new, skilled blending of blockchain technology and iGaming is primarily what differentiates us from our counterparts.

Dr. Kristina C. Deguara: In addition, G8C identifies as a stablecoin, unlike most other cryptocurrencies. This means it will hold a stable value, offering investors reassurance and a much lower risk.

How many years of experience do you have in the online casino industry?

Hayato Terai: We have three years experience in the online casino industry, but also have many members of staff who are experienced in different aspects of iGaming. Altogether, we have a wealth of relevant experience.

Dr. Kristina C. Deguara: Our team is made up of the most experienced people in finance, IT, Japanese creative content and the casino industry.

Why do you think online casino players will purchase the G8C token?

Dr. Kristina C. Deguara: Since blockchain technology is synonymous with transparency, when the player uses the G8C coin, there is an added level of security. By purchasing the token, you can place your bet directly, which means that there won't be any transfer fees. Even withdrawals and deposits can be made much more quickly.

How many online casino operators do you expect to use the G8C platform?

Hayato Terai: We are expecting around 1,500 operators to adopt the G8C platform. Ganapati is already an established game supplier with a global network of connections across the industry - with this in mind, I believe we can make it happen.

What do you think about other ICOs on the market?

Hayato Terai: I think most of the ICOs are traded below their offered price - the instant that they are listed they drop in value. These kinds of ICO are basically worthless. In contrast, we have a unique strategy. G8C will offer an unprecedented approach to creating true value.

Why did you both, as lawyers, become CEOs of G8C?

Hayato Terai: We were already part of the Ganapati Group, working in the casino industry, and joined G8C as professionals in law and legal compliance.

Dr. Kristina C. Deguara: ICOs should fundamentally undergo rigid inspections and strictly adhere to compliance regulations. However, it is a sad reality that genuine ICOs are rare - we were appointed to differentiate our ICO from all others in this respect.

The online casino world will evolve into blockchain

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GanaEight's Events
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GanaEight's Group of Companies
GanaEight's Group of Companies
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Hayato Terai
Chief Executive Officer

Hayato began his career as an attorney in 1998 while belonging to the First Tokyo Bar Association. He joined Yamasaki and Partners in 1998 until 2000. In 2000, he joined Kasahara Law Office and became a partner in 2002. Using his vast experience abroad and language skills, he took on numerous clients not just from Japan, but from all over the globe.

Hayato has become a well-known and trusted attorney in Japan. He established the Terai Hayato Law Office in 2005 and has since satisfied even more clients internationally.

Hayato has been attending as a CLO at Ganapati PLC since 2017.
Hayato has been attending as a CLO at GPJ Venture Capital since 2017.
Hayato has been attending as a CLO at Ganapati Malta since 2017.

Dr Kristina C. Deguara
Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Kristina Camilleri Deguara graduated from University of Malta as Doctor of Laws in 2013 and was admitted to the Bar shortly after.

Dr. Camilleri Deguara is an in-house lawyer who also leads the Legal Department as Head of Legal at Ganapati (Malta) Limited. She is vested with the overall responsibility pertinent to any gambling, compliance and corporate matters.

Being at the helm of the legal department, Dr. Camilleri Deguara specialises in: Digital Currency and Initial Coin Offering (ICO), Company & Corporate legislation, Contract drafting, Malta taxation, and Compliance and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Eman Pulis
Senior Adviser

Eman is the founder and CEO of SiGMA, the Summit of iGaming in Malta and now also Malta Blockchain Summit. SiGMA has become a world-renowned must-attend calendar event, attracting 500 exhibitors and sponsors, 12,000 delegates and 150 speakers, culminating in a Malta Gaming Week throughout November. The Malta Blockchain Summit is an event that brings together the best and the brightest in the crypto space in one of its leading jurisdictions.

Eman graduated with first class honours in 2001 with a Bachelor of Education degree. He holds a Masters Degree in Creativity and Innovation as well as a Masters Degree in Diplomatic Studies.

Anthony Drury
Ganapati PLC : Non-Executive Chairman

Anthony is the Non-Executive Chairman of Alpha Returns Plc, a Hong Kong based Investment Company listed on AIM.

He is Chairman of Axiom Capital, an FCA authorised corporate finance house, a Director of City Fiction Ltd, a media company. He was previously the founder and Chairman of St. Helens Capital Plc. This was a FSA (now FCA) regulated corporate advisory firm based in the City of London.

As Chairman he was responsible for the strategy and new business activities. St. Helen’s became one of the most successful PLUS Markets advisory firms. Plus Markets was the previous name of ISDX, prior to its acquisition by ICAP Plc.

Anthony has been attending as a Non-executive Chairman at Ganapati PLC since 2015.

Toshitaka Nakajima
Chief Financial Officer

Toshitaka graduated the Political Science Major of the Law Faculty at Keio University in 1996.
Toshitaka began his career at Recruit Cosmos Co., Ltd at 1996, and conducted real estate sales and marketing.

After, as the Manager of the Corporate Planning Division, Manager of the Management Division and Executive Managing Director, Toshitaka worked in management regarding Finance, Accounting, Human Resources, Administration, and IR at multiple listed Companies. He also worked on getting a company to be listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, acquisition of bonds rating and issuance of straight bonds, management of internal compliance and internal control etc.

Toshitaka has been attending as a CFO at Ganapati PLC since 2017.
Toshitaka has been attending as a CFO at GPJ Venture Capital since 2017.
Toshitaka has been attending as a CFO at Ganapati Malta since 2017.
Toshitaka has been attending as a CFO at GANAPATI NEO since 2017.

Tomoaki Matsuhashi
Chief Financial Officer

Tomoaki began his career at Nikko Securities Inc. (presently SMBC Nikko Securities Inc.) which is a stock company. He later moved to Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd. and worked in the stock industry for a total of 18 years. His main task was stock trading, where he analyzed trading patterns and planned trading strategies. His heaping profits contributed to the companies he worked for.

After his career in the stock industry, he entered Manulife Life Insurance Company in 2009. Tomoaki then established GPJ Venture Capital to create a corporation which meets the demands of the present day, making use of his financial knowledge and job experiences.

Tomoaki has been attending as the Chief Executive Officer at GPJ Venture Capital since 2014.

Mika Watanabe
Chief Marketing Officer

Mika graduated from Kansai University in 1991, majoring in Law. She had also worked for HSBC Japan in its Osaka office, and was appointed as chief strategist.

Mika is knowledgeable in fields such as consulting and real estate, especially setting up real estate funds. She is also a registered real estate transaction agent.

Mika has been attending as the Chief Marketing Officer at GPJ Venture Capital since 2017.

Yukihiro Hasegawa
Director of Investments

Yukihiro graduated from Kinki University’s Faculty of Law in 2010. He started his career in the Kodaira branch of Resona Bank, Limited.

He has expertise in sales and analysing investment trusts.

Yukihiro has been attending as Assistant General Manager at GPJ Venture Capital since 2017.

Kirill Timofeyev
Chief Technical Officer

As Chief Technical Officer, Kirill leads Ganapati’s long-term technology vision. With the primary responsibility of creating exceptional products across Ganapati’s entire software portfolio, Kirill plays a key role in pushing technology boundaries to the next level. Kirill’s teams are constantly working on innovative solutions to meet and exceed the iGaming industry’s high expectations.
Kirill has over 10 years of experience in software development. His professional career started in 2007 as an insurance software provider in Finland and the Baltic countries. In 2011 Kirill joined Playtech, the world’s largest online gaming software supplier traded on the London Stock Exchange. In 2013, Kirill joined Snowcat Systems, an online gaming startup. Soon after, Kirill was appointed Head of Games Development.

Kirill holds a BSc in Software Engineering from Tallinn Technical University.
Kirill has been attending as a CTO at GANAPATI NEO since 2017.

Yutaka Iwakiri
Chief Creative Officer

Yutaka graduated from California State University, Long Beach.
Yutaka started his career at Disney Interactive Studios, United States headquarter office.
He was involved in the development/expansion of games towards the global market and exhibited at E3 for the company.

After his return to Japan, he has started his own business, entering varieties of entertainment business such as television, music, gaming, and fashion.

His previous clients include a wide range of international related businesses including both Japanese and overseas companies, and embassies.

Yutaka has been attending as a CEO at GANAPATI NEO since 2017.

Rasmus Gross
Creative Director

As Creative Director, Rasmus is responsible for game logic, art, sounds, and animations. He conceives and implements concepts, guidelines, and strategies in various creative projects.

Rasmus started working in the online gaming industry in 2006 when he joined one of the biggest European poker networks, Entraction. There, he worked closely with BetVictor, William Hill, Evolution Gaming, Cozy Games, and Parlay Group.

In 2011 Rasmus joined IGT and worked with Income Access, OpenBet, and Codere Group. In 2015 Rasmus joined Snowcat Games as a Head of Design. There he developed numerous games for Betsson, Odobo, Unibet, and Amaya. In 2017 Rasmus joined GANAPATI NEO as a Creative Director to build innovative gambling games.

Oksana Aldoja
Product Manager

Oksana started her career as a highly-motivated and results oriented manager within outsourcing company like Bertelsmann. She has a proven track record of providing exemplary levels of service to high-profile clients like Microsoft, Toshiba, and HP.

Throughout her career, she has undertaken several different projects for Microsoft. For example, Windows 7 Upgrade option program, Software Assurance, and Microsoft End User Fulfillment. These placements have enabled her to develop a valuable and transferable skill set, which she continues improving and developing at GANAPATI NEO since 2016.

Her main focus, at GANAPATI NEO, is Administration and Product Management. Since 2016, she is handling Finance, Human Resources, local Site Management and daily operation.

Andres Suislepp
Full Stack Developer

As a software engineer with over 5 years of professional hands-on experience, Andres always strives to create the best product possible.

He brings his knowledge and experience from the fast-evolving FinTech world to build innovative solutions for the iGaming industry.

Andres is equally efficient in backend and frontend development cycles and is always ready to help his teammates to get up to speed.

He never compromises on performance, user-experience or scalability, and is always eager to take on new and exciting challenges.

Andres holds a BSc in Computer Science from Tallinn University of Technology.

Jordan Greiner
Creative Manager

Jordan was born in The United States where he received a BA in Computer Science from The University of Northern Iowa. He moved to Japan in 2016 to study the Japanese language and Japanese culture.

He has since been gaining experience in the online casino world as a Creative Manager for Ganapati Group.

Robert Dowling

Robert Dowling joined ganapati with a wealth of experience in the entertainment industry.
After having operated some of Malta’s most established brands he decided to move to the online world in 2014.
This past success, experience, and a keen sense of customer attention translated to dividends once Robert joined EveryMatrix’s sales team.
Here he suceeded in attracting substantially large house hold names and created a network that is second to none.
Using this network, Robert also created awareness and recognition for the brand within the Maltese Ecosystem.
Robert will be taking up the post of Chief Commercial officer and specifically develop a dynamic sales network.

Robert has been attending as a Chief Commercial Officer at Ganapati Malta since 2018.

Taku Sawada
Chief Marketing Officer

Taku was a store manager at “Tokyo Midtown RESTIR” of RESTIR holdings from 2009.

Being the top sales clerk, he was involved in the operating and planning of events as a senior sales associate, and managing over 200 of its employees. After experiencing being a buyer in Paris, London and Milan, he was involved in marketing, planning and promotion targeting the international market.

Taku has been attending as a Director at Ganapati PLC since 2015.
Taku has been attending as a CLO at Ganapati PLC since 2016.
Taku has been attending as a CMO at Ganapati PLC since 2017.
Taku has been attending as a CEO at Ganapati Malta since 2017.

Nadia Adelstein
Head of Marketing

Nadia Adelstein grew up in Sydney, Australia studying Japanese from the tender age of 5.

Nadia moved to Tokyo, Japan, where she spent 5 years modelling for global brands and enterprises such as Tommy Hilfiger, McDonald’s, Adidas and Toyota.

In 2015, Nadia joined Sony Digital Entertainment Japan as Marketing Manager for the Global Team, focusing on the South-East Asia market.

Nadia has been attending as a Marketing Manager at Ganapati Malta since 2017.

LiChun Hsiao
Head of Marketing

For the past two decades Mr. Lichun Hsiao has been working in the Gaming Industry. His experiences include on-line gaming integration and operation as well as new business development.

He provided consultative services to both Taiwan and China national betting organizations and won several major bids. Also, Mr. Hsiao had helped several major European solution providers to establish Asia offices and cultivated excellent relationships with Asian gaming players.

Mr. Hsiao obtained his Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Simon Fraser University in Burnaby BC, Canada. Combining entrepreneurial spirit with business-management skill to drive gains in revenue, market share, and profit performance.

Vivian Tseng
Senior Maketing Manager

Vivian obtained her Master’s Degree in Marketing Communication and is an accomplished and objective-oriented Marketing executive.

Ms. Tseng’s expertise lies in successfully conceptualizing, implementing, and overseeing innovative marketing strategies and leading campaigns in the Gaming industry. This includes panning print, online, collateral, and customer relationships to drive marketing impact as well as brand positioning efforts for Gaming solution providers.

Susanna Vartiainen
Marketing Manager

Susanna was born in Finland, where she also studied and gained two qualifications in marketing.
She moved to London in 2013 to work for an online casino in their customer services department and has been gaining knowledge and experience in the gaming industry ever since.

Rafaela Arruda
Marketing Manager

Rafaela Akemi Fujii de Arruda is as the name might suggest, of multicultural heritage. A combination of Japanese and Brazilian, she is fluent in 3 languages. Having spent most of her life in Japan she has learned not only language but the importance of culture in today’s global markets.

Working for 13 years as a model and also in retail she has gained experience with people and sales.

She is new to the gaming world however, her language and cultural understanding has been adding to Ganapati since November 2017.